Bellbird Park State Secondary College

Case Study

Bellbird Park Secondary College - Modcon Group


Install 64 Modular Buildings

Working with our partners to plan and install 64 modular buildings in a 8 weeks.


Planning a successful install of 64 Modular Buildings

Defining project scope: Clearly outlined the project objectives, deliverables, and requirements, and getting them approved by all stakeholders.
Developing a project plan: Created a detailed plan that outlined the Bellbird Park Secondary College project's timeline, budget, and resources, and identifying any potential risks.
Assembling a project team: Identified the roles and responsibilities of each Modcon Group team member, assigning tasks, and building a cohesive team.
Managing project progress: Regularly monitored progress against the project plan, identifying and addressing any issues, and making adjustments as needed.
Communicating with stakeholders: Kept Bellbird Park informed of progress and any changes to the project plan, and addressing any concerns they may have.
Managing project risks: Identified potential risks and developing contingency plans to minimise their impact.
Managing project finances: Tracked project expenses, managing the project budget, and ensuring that the project was completed within budget.
Managing project quality: Ensured that the project met the required standards and delivering a high-quality end product.
Managing project closure: Completed all project activities, documenting lessons learned, and delivering final deliverables to the client.

Modcon Group - Bellbird Park
Modular Buildings installed
In 2 months


64 Modular buildings installed and joined in 2 months

Bellbird Park Secondary College project was delivered on time and on budget. Our clients were pleased with the outcome and quality of the work Modcon Group provided.

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